Clear Rear Toilet Bidet
Clear Rear Toilet Bidet
Clear Rear Toilet Bidet

Clear Rear Toilet Bidet

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Stop Irritating Your Tush with Toilet Paper: Get a Full Hygienic Cleanse for Your Bum (Without Wasting Money on Toilet Paper)

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Wasteful Toilet Paper
  • Hygienic Cleanse for Your Tush - No Irritation or Itchiness
  • Easily Attach to Your Existing Toilet in 15 Minutes (No Professional Installation Needed)
  • Join 9,179 Americans Getting a Delightful Cleanse for Their Bum

How does Clear Rear™ work?

Clear Rear™ attaches directly to your existing toilet and then uses your existing water supply to give you a hygienic cleanup. Our customers have set up Clear Rear™ in as little as 15 minutes. Using refreshing water instead of itchy toilet paper leaves you without any irritation.

Will This Fit my Toilet?

Clear Rear™ fits almost all American toilets including one piece and two piece toilets.

Do I need to add any wires for electricity?

No, Clear Rear™ runs off of solely off the water supply line you install and does not require any external electricity or wiring.

Does this use dirty toilet water?

No, Clear Rear™ uses water directly from your tap water supply, it does NOT use water from your toilet!